Disease PCR

HeliosDX offers advanced testing for Infectious Diseases throughout the body. You can count on the HeliosDX in house laboratory for superior UTI testing accuracy and service.

Our comprehensive Behavioral Toxicology panel will provide enhanced visibility into patients’ well-being, so that a diagnosis can be made and a treatment can commence promptly. The goal of this panel is help patients achieve a better quality of life through steady Chronic Care Management of their conditions.

  • Respiratory
  • Wound
  • Nail
  • STI
  • GI
  • Antibiotic Resistance

The increasing prevalence of infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, and rapid mutations prove the ongoing importance of accurate and timely testing. The HeliosDX PCR test not only benefits the patient individually but also globally in preventing the rapid spread of disease. Inaccurate testing and misdiagnosis contributes to ongoing viral and bacterial variants, preventable deaths and rising drug resistance.

HeliosDX panels are used for:

  • Routine biological testing
  • Medical diagnostics /diseases identification
  • Global tracking and monitoring
  • Accurate and specific treatments
  • Prevention of disease spread
  • Timely diagnosis and treatment to individual
  • Prediction of response of treatment